A ticking clock, a marble butterfly, a face composed of interlocking vines and moorish robes. Kohl eyes maidens, the stills of 20th century Paris. Art Nouveau flourishes and Dada impressions. This is the jewel box world of Maison Samuel. A world where the grand artistry of yesterday meets and mingles with the contemporary world. A world were time ceases and dreamscapes triumph.

Our scope is two fold. From our headquarters in the city of Paris, France, we seek to promote the arts of today with parrallel techniques from yesterday. We love and embrace the past and also look steadfast to the future with emerging artisans. It is our goal and greatest passion to captivate and delight the discerning artist with a an eye for the majestic, the surreal and the magical.

At the Maison Samuel, the past leads to our present. All purchases at the Maison Samuel are rated on artists of yesterday but also an investment in emerging artists of today that we are pleased to promote with the same fervor and zeal. Our mission is to discover the Rene Lalique, Alfons Mucha, or Man Ray of tomorrow. With an eye for artistry and detail, we seek to bring artists forth from all corners of the world, from Applied Arts to Graphics to pop culture to photography and painting and sculpture. Anything in regards to creation.

We are proud to specialize in Decorative Arts, Drawings, Etchings and Photography of all sorts. We house such contemporary artists such as Richey Beckett from the United States and Yoan Lossel of France who have been influenced by Art Nouveau, to name a few. We are proud to house not only French artists, but artists from the world over, each with a fabulous story to tell through their artistry. Within these walls, we seek to shed the dust off the old antique and curio houses, imparting the same antiquated majestry to a new era, so as to modernize and translate it to people from all generations and walks of life to cherish for years to come, seeking to impart ourselves to the rich fabric of popular culture.

We graciously welcome you to the Maison Samuel. Where beauty reigns and flourishes and artistry prevails.

Maison Samuel Where the discerning collector mingles with the past and the present...

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